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For over 20 years Amber Education Services Ltd has delivered services in the workforce development industry. We started out providing Entrepreneurship programs, branched into tourism, co-managed a resource centre and then in 2002, refocused our activities to take on the Community Coordinator contract for the Skill Development Employment Benefit. Over that time we had 3 offices serving Victoria through to Parksville and a staff upwards of 25.

In the Employment Program of BC we have evolved to become a subcontractor, offering our expertise in specific areas of program delivery. Today, we offer three main services to agencies that are contracted and/or subcontracted in the EPBC.

Skills Training and Supplemental Services

If you would like to meet to discuss this service, please call us at 1-855-789-2701 or use the form below.

Skills Training Application Video Guide

The Self Employment Program

To discuss this service, please feel free to call us at 1-855-789-2701 or use the form below.

Non Case Managed Apprenticeship Services

Saving you time and money while delivering a quality service are the keys to consider having Amber Education assist in this segment of the EPBC. In recent years, we have developed processes to effectively work with applicants who apply for NCMA supports. This can relieve the challenge of providing the service internally if it is adding to the desk of your management and staff. Briefly we:

  • Offer a toll free number, a hotline as such for apprentices
  • Monitor the Client Portal for new applications
  • Liaise with apprentices to resolve issue with their applications
  • Process apprentice applications from confirmed attendance to training completion
  • Ensure eligible supports are paid and service fees are achieved according to EPBC policy

To discuss this service please feel free to call us at 1-855-789-2701 or use the form below.

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