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Hello and welcome to Amber Education Services Ltd. We have been providing service in the workforce development sector for over 20 years. Currently we are subcontracted to assist in the delivery of two programs.

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Funding for Training

Employment Insurance attached clients

Key Points:
  • Up to $7500 in tuition plus living supports, books, supplies, transportation, dependent care and disability supports can be applied for

  • Training should be the most direct return to work
  • Allow up to 8 weeks for the process
  • These funds are not a loan but are taxable income
  • All applicants will need to contribute towards the overall cost of training

Skills Training Application Video Guide

Apprentice Training

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The Self Employment Program

Key Points:
  • Program is up to a maximum of 48 weeks in length
  • Financial Supports of $300 per week may be available for applicants
  • Coaches available to you throughout the program

  • Start up costs are not available through this program
  • Applicants must be able to launch their business ideas with resources available to them.

If you have other questions or inquiries about Amber Education Services please feel free to contact us at: info@ambered.com Tel: 250.889.2701 or Toll Free: 1.855.789.2701